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Why Trust Pro Video Talent With Your Award Ceremony?


 Our Brand Is Listening

Welcome to the Pro Video Talent website for live streaming. We listen.  We strive to give clients the best possible experience with live streaming. We know it can be intimidating to navigate the options for live streaming. We speak to you in a language you understand. We don't get highly technical. We don't have to. You tell us what you want and expect, and we get it done. No discussion about bandwidth or html coding. Just easy to understand options to make your event a huge success.


 More Than A Production

  • Turn Key
  • Professional Broadcast Quality Video
  • Website Live Streaming
  • Facebook Live Streaming
  • Full Video Production Services
  • Editing Individual Clips

See Examples Of Videos We Live Streamed


Meet Donna Davis, President of Pro Video Talent, LLC


As President and Founder of the Atlanta Internet Video Marketing Association, Donna Davis is a leader in the Atlanta video professional community. She developed the organization after seeing the challenges and potential of connecting video and the internet. Donna began focusing on live streaming video years before it became popular, live streaming on a regular basis since 2008. Read more.


Make Sure Your Live Streaming Company
Has Experience With Facebook LIVE


Experience Matters


Pro Video Talent has been providing professional, broadcast quality live streaming of award ceremonies for years. Now, with the power of Facebook LIVE, everything has changed. Live streaming companies must have specialized equipment hardware and software to make the broadcast compatible with Facebook's unique requirements. You'll want to trust a company that actually has experience with live streaming on Facebook.

Facebook's interactive platform is something you don't want to miss. Facebook makes it easy for your audience to share in the experience. Your honorees will love it! Your sponsors will love it!



Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconHow Is Facebook Different From Streaming On A Website?

    Facebook is a digital platform, and its requirements for audio are different than typical website streaming. For instance, it’s possible to use analog sound and broadcast to a website. However, Facebook is set up for digital audio. An analog signal will either come out very low or perhaps not at all. Read More.


  • q-iconHow Can I Cover My Cost Of Live Streaming?

    In almost every broadcast we have done, sponsors have covered the cost of our services. Live broadcasting on Facebook provides so much additional benefit to the sponsors. Therefore, it makes sense that any company that already backs your organization will also be interested in making a bigger impact. Read More.


Full Service Video Production & On Camera Talent


We Offer Full Service Video Production

Our background is video production, and we've been doing it for more than 10 years. Many of our clients need to create videos to be shown during the live event. Whether it's a long narrative video about something you've accomplished during the year or ads for your sponsors or perhaps nominee profiles, we can do all that.

We also have access to polished, professional on camera talent. If you need an emcee or on camera talent for your Facebook LIVE promotions, we have you covered on that, too.

After the event, get more exposure for your honorees, your sponsors, and your organization. We edit each winner's individual clip and make it easy for the winners to download their clips. When recipients share the videos on their website and social media, everybody wins!

Live Streaming Is A Win, Win, Win!


Going Live Is A Win For Honorees, Sponsors, & Your Organization!

  • More Recognition For Your Best & Brightest Stars

    Your award recipients aren’t just getting recognition in front of fellow associates. Friends and relatives can watch from anywhere in the world and can congratulate as the event is happening.

  • Get More Money From Event Sponsors

    Your sponsors are backing your event in order to become more widely known throughout your organization. Imagine how much they would pay if now each award recipient used the video clip on social media. Now the recipient and their friends and relatives see sponsor logos. Your vendors may also be willing to discount if given a credit on your live video and the chance to share the video on their Facebook page.

  • Your Organization Is The Big Winner

    You win big because your sponsors get more recognition. Your honorees get more recognition. And, you’ve taken your event from one room to a worldwide audience and probably covered all your production costs with additional sponsorship dollars. Now, get ready for a raise!

Why Pro Video Talent?

  • We Are A Team

    We don’t just see ourselves as a vendor pushing buttons on the night of your biggest event of the year. We work with you as part of your team. We help you promote your event leading up to the big night. We advise our clients about how sponsors are usually willing to underwrite the cost of the production. We work closely with your A-V team or we use one of our AV partners. We provide turn key services that are customized to your exact needs. We know the only way that we succeed is for you to enjoy the best possible event!

  • Planning Ahead

    Live Streaming shouldn’t be difficult for our clients. We know exactly what our checklist needs to include. We check for bandwidth at the event site. We survey the site and meet with the A-V company well in advance. We customize a plan for promoting the event. Then, we go through an extensive checklist to make sure everything is working as it should be. No surprises on your big night.

  • We Use Experienced Professionals and Specialized Equipment

    On the night of your live stream, you won’t find inexperienced freelancers. You will find an experienced team who works together and has the knowledge needed to make sure things go as planned. Our team has the right equipment, designed specifically for live web streaming and live Facebook streaming, and we have extensive knowledge in those areas.


What Do Our Clients Say?

Sachi Koto Sachi Koto, Who's Who In Asian American Communities

Pro Video Talent live streamed our awards ceremonies, and it was a huge success. People all over the world watched because our award recipients have relatives in various countries throughout the world. We are very much an international association. Having the event live streamed gave the honorees great satisfaction in that friends and relatives actually viewed the event live. In previous years, participants have had to wait over a year for the final video. Not anymore. Pro Video Talent did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them.

Jesse Morado Jesse Morado, NARI Atlanta

Having our biggest awards ceremony of the year streamed live on Facebook was beyond exciting. The members and sponsors were thrilled! The element of live broadcasting added an extra amount of enthusiasm. We not only had the chance to broadcast our award ceremony live on Facebook, but we are thrilled to have a beautifully produced archive video of the event. This was a big win for us. We would not have considered this without knowing Donna Davis at Pro Video Talent. She is a trusted member and video professional, and we knew we were in good hands.


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