A great way to help promote your e-commerce site is through building an audience on social media. By going live on facebook, you can grow a relationship with your viewers by directly communicating with them while also gaining the new audience members by having your viewers share your live stream on their pages. Take a look at the video below to get the best advice from Donna Davis.

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Live Streaming From A Showroom

Pro Video Talent recently live streamed from the showroom of Drexler Shower Door, a high end shower door and glass company in Atlanta. The owner of the company, David Drexler, had wanted to produce several videos. Pro Video Talent went live on the client’s Facebook page for a question and answer with Facebook fans, and we also covered a few topics, including the story of Drexler Shower Door, commercial projects, latest trends, showroom tour and the history of the company. After the half hour video was over, Pro Video Talent edited each topic into a short video for use on the client’s website and social media.

The LIVE video produced twelve short videos that covered all types of subjects. Below you can see a few of the videos created as well as a link to the playlist. This shows you how powerful yet economical it can be to use live streaming to create video content.

One Live Stream = Twelve Videos

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