Win a Helmet, Gloves, and Goggles



Here’s our contest rules. You can win a Speed & Strength Resto-Mod helmet valued at $120, a pair of Roland Sands Design Bar Fly gloves valued at $70, and River Road Baron Aviators valued at $45 – all for helping us spread the word about our Free Live Web Streaming event tomorrow from 7-8pm.

Create a quick video – not professional just on your phone saying why you are attending the event and why others should attend it. Post it on and use the #caferacertvlive in the tags or description and email us the link using We’ll pick the best one on the merits of views, engagement (thumbs up and comments) and creativity. We know it’s last minute. So, make them just fun and 30 seconds to one minute. We’ll announce the winner during the live event. Videos need to be uploaded and the link sent by 1pm EST tomorrow.

We know you’ll like the free live stream event. We are giving great advice, letting the audience ask questions, having giveaways and huge discounts on merchandise. So, spread the word. Do it to win and do it for fun!

Here’s a link to the page with all the info.