Pro Video Talent Specializes In Live Streaming Events, Trainings, Award Ceremonies

Facebook LIVE Takes Your Event  To New Heights!

Facebook Live Adds Interaction To Your Event.

Before: Build Excitement & Awareness with Facebook Live Segments

During: Live Stream On Facebook With Likes, Comments and Shares & On Your Website In Full HD

After:  Keep The Momentum Going With The Full Video & Edited Clips Of Each Segment On Facebook

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Going Live Is A Win For Participants, Speakers, Sponsors, & Your Organization!

  • Award Winners Or Participants Love The Recognition

    Whether you have an award ceremony, an event, or a webcast, your participants will want to promote your company by sharing out the video. Perhaps many of their friends and relatives can’t make it or live in another state or country. Now, with live streaming on Facebook and on your website, friends and relatives can like, comment, congratulate, and share in the event.

  • Sponsors Gain Much More Recognition

    The companies that support your organization want to help your associates or members in a deeper and more meaningful way. Having them sponsor the live streaming allows them the chance to help those award recipients or speakers or participants in a way they will remember for years. It also gets your sponsors brand out to countless more people. With the ability to easily share the event on Facebook and then share the winning clips of each recipient, your sponsor makes a big impact!

  • Your Organization Benefits Greatly

    Your organization wins when your honorees are thrilled and your sponsors know their money went to a great cause. Through the sharing of your video during Facebook LIVE and the upload of all your winner’s individual clips online, you will make a huge impact!

Why Pro Video Talent?

  • We Are A Team Of Professionals

    We don’t see your event as just another night to show up and broadcast live. Just about any company can do that. We see ourselves as a dedicated partner working with you months in advance. We consult with clients about how they can get sponsors to cover the cost of live streaming and how they can promote the live streaming in advance through Facebook LIVE broadcasts. After the event is over, we get any additional editing done quickly so that your individual winner’s clip are online and ready for the winners to start promoting themselves.

  • Leave Nothing To Chance

    We know our clients aren’t used to live streaming on Facebook. We make sure everything is taken care of in advance. We test on your Facebook page. We do a site visit to your event space early on. We meet with the Audio Visual company and work with them to ensure a flawless night.

  • We Use Experienced Professionals and Specialized Equipment

    It’s your big night, and it’s no time for inexperienced freelancers. We use a dedicated team of professionals who work together on a regular basis. We have specialized hardware and software especially designed for live streaming and live streaming on Facebook.

Dale Contant

Pro Video Talent did a great job with live streaming our awards ceremony. We really liked that Pro Video Talent could simultaneously broadcast our awards event live on our website in full HD and broadcast live on Facebook.

Going live added so much excitement and enthusiasm to the event. Donna Davis helped us with every aspect of the process. She consulted with us about our needs and budget. She did live promos on our Facebook page leading up to the event. After the event, not only did we have a beautifully produced video, we also got every winner’s edited clip. Pro Video Talent put them on an easy to use platform so that members could access them right away.  I would highly recommend Pro Video Talent.

Dale Contant National Association of the Remodeling Industry